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Growing up, books were a major constant in my life. My mother had grown up as a voracious reader, and the habit got passed on to me genetically and by example. I was introduced to all my favourite authors by my mother, and I had even learnt to read Bengali so that I could read more stories. So, yes, the love affair with stories and the art of story telling goes way back to the time when I couldn’t read and was read to. Most authors still remain in my life though a few have made a mark in my life, and not just because they were great stories.
Two such books are Chief Vasily and Little Women.

Chief Vasily was a limited edition book translated from Russian. It was about Peter, a Muscovite who went to the village for his vacations where he met Vasily, a local boy. Peter and Vasily started off as rivals, as Peter was being a typical city snob. Soon his edges get rubbed by the village kids and he found great friends in them. I keep this book asa  priced possession and keep going back to it from time to time – for various reasons.

Little Women is a much-loved story about four sisters – Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy March. All four March sisters had very strong characters but ever since I’d read the story the first time – I’ve identified with Jo the most. Since then, I’ve read it at least 30 times and every time I find myself relating to her even more. I’ve fancied meeting her, talking to her, accompanying Laurie and her to skate on the ice, reading her scripts and secret notes, travelling with her, falling in love at the same time as her, and being fiercely protective of family, just like her. Everything Jo has done, I have done. Never copied her, but growing up I realised life was moving ahead as if parallel to Jo’s.

This post is for Blogchatter’s prompt – BOOK(S) I LOVE

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