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24 Hours in Hong Kong #GuestPost

Hong Kong is a seriously impressive city, with a ton to see and do. Although 24 hours isn’t an ideal amount of time to spend here, it is better than nothing. Unfortunately, many international tourists in Hong Kong only have a short time to explore due to a layover (the Hong Kong airport is huge and serves as a popular connection for flights.) For these tourists, it is important to see as much of this culturally rich city as quickly as possible.
In Hong Kong there are so many things to do, so in a short time one must prioritize and chose the best ways to their spend time. Forget about visiting “Hong Kong Disneyland” in this 24 hour guide, I am going to suggest hitting the streets for some food, shopping, and people watching as well as the world famous mountain to get a view of the Hong Kong harbor!

Hong Kong! (C) Bailey Busslinger

Join a Kowloon Food Tour

If you have time for only one thing in Hong Kong, this would be my suggestion. Hong Kong is considered one of the food capitals of the world! Some of the food they eat is strange (some good and some bad) but the great thing about the food tour is you only try what you want to try and all of the food is prepared safely to ensure tourists don’t get sick.

Many different companies offer food tours in various areas of the city for reasonable prices (expect to pay between $500-1000 HK.) I recommend taking the tour in the authentic area of Kowloon where locals roam about their days eating at the same places you will. These tours will go for about 3-4 hours and include trying many traditional and famous dishes from Hong Kong. The tours include restaurant visits, street food, as well as walking through various local markets.
Getting to know the food of Hong Kong is a huge part of getting to know the culture. It is a super interesting and fun activity! For some more details on the food tour and other things to do in Hong Kong, click here!

One Of The Market Stalls At Kowloon (C) Bailey Busslinger


Take the Peak Tram to Victoria Peak

After checking out the way locals live on the Kowloon food tour, it is time to join in with tourists to see the most famous view of the Hong Kong skyline and harbor! Victoria Peak is the name of the lookout, and it is essentially a building on top of a
hill with a viewing deck. From there you can see the amazing skyscrapers which make up Hong Kong along the Victoria Harbor.
The best time to visit Victoria Peak is just before sunset, that way in the one visit you can see both the daytime, sunset, and nighttime views.

To get to Victoria Peak it is possible to hike, but for those wanting a unique (and less physical) experience there is the Peak Tram! The Peak Tram is an old tram that takes guests up and down the mountain to the Victoria Peak viewing deck.
The Peak Tram costs $90 HK for a return ticket including the entrance to the viewing deck.
Just remember that lines for the Peak Tram can be long so give yourself plenty of time. Expect to wait an hour in a line on the way up and then again on the way down. The view though, is totally worth it! Breathtaking, and a once in a lifetime
experience for sure!

The View From Victoria Peak In The Day (C) Bailey Busslinger
The View At Night! (C) Bailey Busslinger


Check Out the Temple Street Night Markets

Once you are down from Victoria Peak, it is time for some shopping, nightlife, and of course, food! The Temple Street Night Markets are the perfect place to find all three of these things in one spot. And the best part – it is free!
The Temple Street Night Markets go from 7pm to midnight every day of the week. They are most easily reached by the MTR (metro) red line station called “Jordan.” At these markets one can find tons of shopping with everything from souvenirs, to
technology, to clothing for sale. There are also tons of nearby restaurants and pubs offering great places to stop for a drink and dinner. Many of the restaurants lining the streets look run-down, but they actually serve fresh seafood and known to be
The Temple Street Night Markets make for a great ending to a busy 24 hours in Hong Kong. For some more great budget activities and money saving tips while in Hong Kong, click here!

Markets In Hong Kong! (C) Bailey Busslinger

Although 24 hours in Hong Kong isn’t very long, if you follow this itinerary you are sure to get a culturally rich and enjoyable experience! So, the next time you have the option to lay over in Hong Kong, give yourself a day to explore and take in one of the coolest cities I have ever been to!

– Bailey Busslinger

Bailey is a traveler always looking for her next adventure. Together with her partner, Daniel, Bailey travels the world to experience as many unique and interesting places as possible. You can follow Bailey and Daniel on their blog, Destinationless Travel.

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  1. Wow, would love to go on a food tour.

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  4. nice post. reminded me my Hongkong trip

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  7. Wow! The pictures look amazing. Hongkong is ion my travel list. I have heard a lot about it and would love to visit it soon.

  8. I too had about 24 hours in Hong Kong and did a hop on hop off. There was no food tour included though. Should have done that!

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