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Free Four-Day Transit Visa at Qatar Now


Recently, we learnt that international roaming is free on Airtel now. Yes, there is small print, but at least the option now exists! And who doesn’t love anything that comes with the word free? We Indians sure do!
I learnt about another free related to travel this week. The news is that if you have a layover in Qatar for more than a few hours, you can just ask for a FREE transit visa which can be for up to four days. And this is supposed to be hassle free. At Hamad International Airport, Doha you will have to just show the proof of your onward journey. This option is available to all customers.
Earlier, a passenger could request for a transit visa only if the layover duration is minimum 8 hours. Now, the time has been brought down to 5 hours while the duration of the transit via has been increased from 48 to 96 hours.

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