7 Reasons Why House Plants Are The Coolest Interior Decor Props

Indoor plants are usually seen as a luxury. Common perception is that they need taking care of, so one can keep them only if the house is big and airy, there are no pets or small kids at home and if there is someone who can take constant care of them. Contrary to common belief, houseplants are not only ornamental, but have a lot of benefits which make them a must in every home. Children and pets can be trained, the number of plants in your house can be depending on its size and plants are pretty low maintenance. So, seriously, a visit to the nearest nursery could be a good idea, you know. But if you need convincing, let us tell you how you will benefit if you have houseplants:

  • More oxygen: Just like the trees outdoor produce oxygen for us, so will your indoor plants. And this means, that not only will the oxygen level around you increase, the air inside the house will be fresh! Fresh air and abundance of oxygen – now, who’d say that they would rather not have them? 
  • Quicker healing: Ever wondered why a lot of people visiting hospitals bring a plant or flowers for the patient? Well, not just for the aesthetic effect. You see, studies have shown that plants (and, flowers) also act as medicines and spending time with plants has resulted in speedy recovery. As it is for most of us in urban India, we live in apartments without gardens. Would it mean that we cannot benefit from the presence of plants around us? Well, no! This is where indoor plants come handy.  Charming, aren’t they?
  • Help stay fitter: Did you know that during the process of photosynthesis, plants release a component which increases humidity in the air? They basically increase moisture vapour which can actually keep dry skin, dry coughs, sore throats and respiratory problems away.
  • Help concentrate: Indoor plants at home and office have also been known to increase concentration and help in retaining details, making it a good thing for students and those under a lot of work pressure. 
  • Home décor: Indoor plants are also simple and cost effective way of home décor. The best thing about having plants as a part of your décor is that you can keep changing them and their positions, resulting in giving your rooms new looks ever so often.
  • Hobby for children: Your children learn to be around plants at home, automatically growing up loving them. Gardening is a great stress buster and a good hobby for your children. Give them a sapling and help them plant it. Put the pot on their windowsill or inside the room and entrust them with the duty of taking care of it. Watch your children nurture and bring up their own plant, with some help from you. This way, you teach them responsibility, and also imbibe the habits of being caring towards other living beings. 
  • Stress relief: And when you are stressed, in need of a break but have no time or energy to, spend some time with your plants. Take care of them, talk to them – and in 15-20 minutes, you will feel refreshed.

So! Still not sure about benefits of having indoor plants or have you already picked your car keys to head to the nearest nursery?

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