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Accessorise Your Passport

I love to travel and unless this is the first time you are visiting my blog, you probably already know how much. I am not a tourist, I earnestly hope I am the kind of traveller who brings back a large slice of the soul of the place I’ve visited. I trip on road trips, I’ll be honest. Mostly because even the journey is a travel experience and husband & I get to spend more time together. Second on my list of kinds of travel I love, is luxury travel. I will not even pretend otherwise, I live for luxury travel. After working really hard for weeks, one does deserve luxury and pampering.

Accessorise Your Travel

With travel comes wear and tear of travel accessories. While most can be changed or repaired, the Passport needs to be taken very good care of. Am I right? That, and my OCD of never wanting even a slightest crease or mark on our passports! I take pride in my blue passport and apart from being a personal identification document, it also is a part of my national identity.
A couple of weeks ago, the lovely people from URBY got in touch with me expressing their desire to send me my own passport holder. I checked their website and noticed that the holders were not made of cheap material or have childish designs.

Urby Passport Holder – Personalised Holder For Your Precious Passport!

When the holder arrived, boy was I impressed! It is made of leather, is personalised with my name written in golden ink and the finish is very smooth. The insides are as smooth in finish as the outside is.
The inside as three vertical pockets where you can keep your important notes or even currency, if you wish. My passport fit in comfortably, though I suspect a 60-page passport might be a little snug. I honestly feel this is an ideal way to keep your passport protected, while it looks classy and attractive. Also, the best part!! I’ll not need to open the passport to confirm it is mine!
 Head over to to buy one for yourself!

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