Akuri…and a pinch of hope – A Review

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Last weekend, I got to watch a short film called Akuri…And a Pinch of Hope. Directed by Jamshid Roointon, this short feature, Akuri…And a Pinch of Hope is produced under Axis Jump Films. The feature is slated to release digitally by Humaramovie, on 20th March 2017 on Jamshed-I-Navroz.

About Akuri…And a Pinch of Hope

Akuri…and a pinch of hope to release on Jamshed-I-Navroz
Jamshid Roointon’s short feature, Akuri…And a Pinch of Hope, produced under Axis Jump Films, is slated to release digitally by Humaramovie, on 20th March 2017. The film features Darshan Gokani, Sushant Kandya and acclaimed veteran actor Firdaus Mevawalla.
The film revolves around two main ingredients of life – Happiness and Hope.
Jamshid Roointon, the director, is upbeat about the film’s digital release and says “Akuri…and a pinch of hope is a story full of hope and positivity, which reinstates our belief that life is not just a rat race. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense, the short periods of time people come in our lives, or the outcomes from what they say or do. However, if one lets them in and allows things to happen, one will definitely see the Big picture thereafter.”
This is the story of one such experience for Sadiq Sheikh and Cyrus Irani, who are poles apart in their characteristics. What transpires between them makes up for the interesting plot that Akuri…and a pinch of hope is. Its story has been told not only with a lot of charm but also sensitivity, and we are sure it will resonate with the audience.”
Akuri…and a pinch of hope, has garnered appreciation and critical acclaim at many prestigious international film festivals, including Kolkata International Film Festival, Delhi International Film Festival and Banjara International Film Festival.
The melodious and hummable title song of the movie, ‘Hope Ki Rope,’ has been penned and composed by Shubhankar. Renowned singer Shaan has lent his voice for it.

Director Jamshid Roointon with Executive Producer and editor, Shankh Rajyadhyaksha

Director Jamshid Roointon with Executive Producer and editor, Shankh Rajyadhyaksha


I was supposed to watch the movie alone but my husband joined in. So this is a review from two perspectives. what I loved was how detailed oriented the movie was right from the beginning, my husband who is a new entrepreneur, loved how the director derived hope and positive from something as simple as what we know as anda bhurji.

Akuri is the Parsi version of anda-bhurji and as the recipe is, lots of ingredients go in it. As is life. The director has compared Akuri with life and portrayed one of life’s most important lessons beautifully. Set in an Irani cafe filled with people unknown to each other, two strangers share a table. One of their life is about to change and neither of them know about that.

Actors were quite pro in their craft and the dealt with the plot very effectively. I am glad that such short films are getting made. Twenty minutes long, it got over very soon but left us wanting for more – I am not exaggerating. About from the brilliant acting and very good direction, the message the feature is trying to relay is also something noteworthy. A message in a story, revolving around Parsi food and culture – what is not to like in it. Akuri … and a pinch of hope has all the ingredients of a feature that leaves people thinking, inspired and smiling positively.

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