August, Day 3: What would you do?

Some people bring out the worst in us. The best thing to do is to ignore them, or cut them out of our lives. But at times, one can do neither. At times, these people are webbed in our lives, and we in theirs, till forever. One always has the option of a public showdown and souring relations forever, but that is not the most decent thing to do, is it? 

Mostly, these people are elders. And most of the times, one has to hear them out silently, seething with anger. Some people cannot and will not get into a verbal argument with someone older to themselves, or misbehave with them. The most one can do is take it out on people closest to them. How unfair is that? 

Keeping the emotions inside, brings out the worst in people, most often than not. An usually calm person becomes angry, a happy person becomes bitter. Someone with a generally pleasant personality, is suddenly a devil in the human’s body; hissing fire.

Quite unfortunate.

What should one do now? How should one not let some people bring out the worst in them? Yes, basics are to ignore but what if it’s not easy to?

Then what?

What would you do?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    May be choose the easier way out…may be to listen and avoid 😉 I have a certain someone in office, talking to her makes me depressed. Her illogical talks, nonsense logic makes me go crazy…all I do is listen smile and forget :-p
    The day I remember her talks I get mad.

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