Book Review: There May Be An Asterisk Involved by Vedashree Khambete

On the jacket:

Ira Bhat, copywriter by day, sleep-deprived copywriter by night, has only one goal: to not go utterly bonkers. In the face of comma-obsessed clients, award-obsessed bosses, blind dates who think she works for the Government and the new account planner who’s looking increasingly interesting…

It sounds easy. But is it? Because when it comes to advertising, somewhere, hidden in the fine print, there may be an asterisk involved…

Vedashree Khambete’s There may be an asterisk involved has an interesting blurb. While I have repeatedly faced situations where the blurb was interesting but the book fizzled out before the first chapter ended. I read There may be an asterisk involved in a four hours train journey and it was just what I needed, a perfect read.
No overdose of any emotion, though the book is definitely a high ranker in humour, There may be an asterisk involved is about Ira Bhatt, an independent girl who is a copywriter in one of the country’s leading advertising agencies. What I loved particularly was that the characters were developed only on the work front and there are no unnecessary sub-plots about their personal lives. The plot is how life of a ad professional is, 90% at work. This was fresh about the plot of There may be an asterisk involved.
Characters are well-defined, the plot is clean and not confusing, language good and so is the editing, subtle humour and smooth flow of sequences, Vedashree Khambete’s There may be an asterisk involved is overall a fun, good read.

Rating: ****/5

[This review is for Hachette India. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.]

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