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#BookReview: Corporate Avatars by Disha

On the jacket:

If you have ever worked in a corporate world, you are likely to have been confounded by some of its more curious characters – the sentimental dame with her sappy reminiscing, the bumbling accountant who can never seem to figure it out on his own and the freshly minted management graduate who is a walking encyclopedia – to name just a few.

Getting along is not always easy. But don’t lose hope just yet. Corporate Avatars tackles the oddities at the workplace in an exhilarating read, giving you just the smart essentials you need to survive such folk and make your way up the ladder.

Spirited and saucy, this undeniably helpful book reveals the quirks of more than 40 colorful personalities you are likely to meet at the workplace. It is the perfect compass with which to navigate the rough seas of the business world.

Disha is an IIM Calcutta alumnus and has spent over a decade with corporate giants like, and Mentor Graphics. She is currently a senior leader with Amazon India. Besides her corporate career, Disha loves to write and has authored many books.


For a fulltime freelancer, Disha’s Corporate Avatars was a walk down memory lane. She’s brought back so many memories in her book and in some way even reassured me of what all I am happy without!

Corporate Avatars was like moving back in time and remembering all the different kind of people I’ve worked with in the past. For those who are still living the corporate life, the book will be a different kind of amusing – for they could probably spot themselves amongst the pages of this book. Disha’s always written books which readers can identify with and take inspiration from, this one sets the exceptions higher.

Each chapter in the book discusses one kind of character present in every office (e.g.) the micromanager, the whiner, the one who always calls for a meeting, the one always ready with excuses, the one who makes more noise than the work s/he does, and so on. I tried to think but couldn’t think of any that she could have missed expect the pervert, but then all of them could be that or none of them.

Disha’s style of writing is witty and simple, and she’s kept the jargons limited so that even those who have never been a part of the corporate sector too could read and enjoy the book.


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