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#BookReview: The Wedding Photographer by Sakshama Puri Dhariwal

On the jacket:

On a seventeen-hour-long flight, a chance upgrade to business class lands journalist Risha Kohli next to handsome real estate hotshot Arjun Khanna. What’s more? Risha has been moonlighting as a photographer and her next assignment is Arjun’s sister’s wedding: the most anticipated social event of the year!
But Arjun doesn’t trust journalists and suspects this smart, sexy and incredibly spunky girl of using their mutual attraction as a ploy to invade his privacy for a newspaper scoop. And Risha, unaware of Arjun’s personal demons, is worried that this dishy tycoon’s unnerving behaviour will jeopardize her biggest photography gig so far.
What follows is a rollercoaster of snarky quips, sizzling chemistry and simmering drama amidst a Big Fat Indian Wedding.
Risha is a journalist who doubles a wedding photographer thanks to her very lenient boss who lets her take off on assignments, sometimes even overseas. That reminds me of my days of journalism and how not just me but nobody had such leave-giving bosses. Well, this is a story. So while Risha is retuning to India from one of her photography assignments abroad, she meets investment banker-turned-businessman, Arjun Khanna. Like all rich boys, he took thinks his privacy is what the world is after and to top that, he despises journalists. Fate plays its own game and Risha is to photograph arjun’s sister’s wedding! As is expected, while there is attraction, there is also Arjun’s whim that Risha is in this to get some scoop for her pathetic newspaper. 
The book is as energetic and fun as the blurb promises. The charcaters are well-etched. One thing which always bothers me is how some characters are inspired from real life famous people and the author doesn’t modify much on them. When you read about them, you know who the author is talking about. I feel this could be done without and like the other characters, the authors should create their own. 
I would have finished reading this book in one go had some glaring editing errors not made me cringe and take time off. 
Rating: ***.5/5

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