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She woke with a start. Dazed, she grabbed her phone from the nightstand and checked the time.
05:00 am.

Heaving a sigh of relief, she walked to the window and pulled the blinds away. The view outside was divine. Blue waves crashing on the rocks, ever so gently. The shore looked so peaceful at this time of the day. Just the opposite of what it is at night.

She was hungry. But the view was so nice. Ah, but the hunger pangs! As she tore her sight away from the view, she noticed the bench. On it was a small figure, sitting all alone.
“Eric*!” she called.
What was he doing there so early, all alone?
“ERIC!!” she screamed this time. She grabbed her robe and dashed across the room and down the stairs. Outside the house, she couldn’t see till as far as the beach.
“Oh God, no! Eric!” she sobbed as she ran.
Scary, numbing thoughts had started flooding her mind. What if he went near the water? What if he fell down? No, not Eric! Her Eric! He was all they had. What a bad mother was she, how could she not have heard him go out of the house! Where was John? Has he gone for his morning run?
As she turned a bend, she could see the end of the path and the sea. She couldn’t see the bench, yet. Running a little farther, she saw the bench and ran towards it.

“Eric! Eric!” but there was no one on the bench.
“ERIC!” she looked on both sides and ran randomly trying to find her child. She was a woman possessed, crying hysterically. But there was no sign of little Eric. Dejectedly, she sat by the bench, crying. Crying until she just lay there, her body devoid of any energy. She stared at the sky while tears flew down from her eyes.

*Eric, 6, son of Pam and John Knox, had drowned and died one night two years ago. John Knox had drowned with his son, while trying to save him.


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