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How To Earn More And Secure Your Earnings As A Freelancer?

Not one week goes by without someone, known or otherwise, messaging me to ask for tips to increase their income as freelancers. Now this is awkward and difficult because how much you earn depends upon your experience and quality of work. However, I’ve noticed that freelancers are ready to work for peanuts with local clients yet wouldn’t work for international clients because of fear of the unknown. I understand how it is and can completely empathize with them, but time has come that I throw some light into how it worked for me, and can for you as well!

My PayPal Experience

I was introduced to PayPal back in 2010. Last year, someone I knew referred me for work to someone she knew. The next day I heard from a gentleman. He was from China. His requirement was extremely interesting, and I was eager to work with him. This was a huge project and along with the work, the money involved was enticing too. He agreed to pay in three instalments and I too would deliver my work in those three instalments. All well, but I had a nagging worry. While the gentleman was most professional and polite, I knew nothing about him.

Google gave me nothing on this gentleman. His email id was in Chinese, so all I had, was the name he signed at the bottom of the mail. While a digital contract was signed between us, I was still worried. What if the money doesn’t work. I decided to test waters and send him the first instalment of my deliverables. Within 12 hours, my PayPal account had money in it. When I opened to check, I was able to retrieve the sender’s details which made me sit back with a sigh of relief. I had more information and I knew who I was working for. Needless to say, every payment happened within 24 hours of submission.

Get More With PayPal

Over the years that I have worked with international clients, I have seen PayPal evolve and become more user friendly for Indians. One cannot deny that Indian freelancers are still struggling to make it a full-time career and only few of us have managed to make it worthy of the time, energy and effort we spend on our works. PayPal has introduced Seller Protection Policy and PayPal.Me which protect the sellers i.e. us, the content/service providers. Our work is safe. Clients are verified and trustworthy, people we can hand our hard work to.

What I have to suggest is simple. If you are putting in x number of hours for something which will get you y amount from and Indian client, after 60 days and 22 reminders, as against 5*y amount and that too promptly, what would you select? I hope the latter because I want the entire fraternity to be a bunch of smart workers and not fearful workers. I am in no way trying to put any of you off Indian clients, a lot of them are great too. What I am trying to stress here is that one needs to open up to the option of international work and understand how safe something like PayPal is.

More Safety.

More Opportunities.

More Clients.

More Business.

And, more money!

So ask yourself, Why not freelance with PayPal when you know you can get more, every time?

You’ll be covered under world-class security under Seller Protection Policy. PayPal has strict fraud prevention and dispute resolution teams which are there to help and guide you at every step. You can buy and sell across the globe and convert 26 currencies from 203 countries. PayPal.Me gives you your personalized payment link which you can customise, to share with clients, who can pay you directly. Get paid quickly, and close deals real time!

And guess what? You also have a chance to earn up to INR 1500 on what you are already receiving, with its #EarnMoreWithPayPal campaign. So, what’s stopping you? Go, sign up and start earning!

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  1. PayPal has been quite a game changer for freelancers! Their services are easy to use and their seller protection is quite a unique feature.

  2. Paypal saves the day when you have to get money from overseas and it is so hasslefree.

  3. Totally agree with you Samarpita. PayPal has made working with international clients a bliss. I still remember when my first international client asked for PayPal account, I googled at night and made my account on PayPal. I was really scared till I got my payment.

  4. PayPal does open doors to more opportunities, especially foreign clients. It acts as a seal it trust and professionalism. Good post.

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  6. Richa Singh says:

    There is so much to experience as a PayPal freelancer – more opportunities become a function of the easy process attached to payments!

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