As someone who grew up as an only child, stories revolving around siblings have always fascinated me. While most of the stories of been a part of my childhood, where I have fantasised about having my own (siblings), I have lived parallel lives along with them. From Julian, Dick and Ann to the Bennett sisters to the Pevensies! In fact, the reason I loved reading Enid Blyton’s ‘series’ of books is because practically all of them had siblings. Be it Darryl and Felicity Rivers or the O’Sullivan sisters or even the siblings in the mystery series, they all had my heart. This Friday, along with Buzz Magazine I decided to pen down my five favourite fictional siblings in this post, so here they are!


The March Sisters

Anybody who knows me and my reading habits, knows that I LOVE LITTLE WOMEN! I’d first read the book when I was in the fifth and my cousin was in the seventh. She’d won the book at some competition and guess what, she didn’t read. Wish schools decided gifts the winners liked! Anyway, I read Little Women the first time (had seen The Brady Bunch on tape before that) and loved how there are so many sisters – and each so different! Even at 10 I knew that I was Jo, and was left with an acute loneliness that there are no Mary or Beth to balance out my Jo-ness. I love the girls, they are family. Specially, Jo.

Lizzie and Jane Bennett

Lizzie and Jane were the oldest of the Bennett sisters and I loved the camaraderie they both shared. Each other’s confidantes; they were best friends and sisters, yet the opposite. While Jane grounded Lizzie’s thunder, the latter helped Jane fight her fights! In a family of half-baked people, they were each other’s life jackets.


The Mitter cousins


Cousins, really by Feluda and Topshe have my love. Quintessential young school boy Topshe, intelligent and curious, tagging along with big brother Feluda, was quite a life I imagined it to be. Their life was an adventure and for someone Topshe’s age, he’d lived a life if thrill I have always envied.

The Pevensies

From fighting with each other, not believing in what the others said, to not caring what happens to the others, to forming a team and defending the right – the Pevensies are a lovely bunch of children. Of course, I envy their adventures, but also marvel at how they are always there for each other (well, mostly) and make such a strong team.


The Weasleys


What do I say that hasn’t been said already? Purebloods, yet not a part of the prejudiced mindsets. Strong parents, get upbringings, such a fun family and how welcoming they were to Harry right from the beginning. The Weasley siblings made Harry’s story interesting and worthwhile to a large extent – cannot imagine even finishing the first story without these kids in it. They reinforced the fact that family means everything and in your darkest hours, it is family which stands by your side.

In collaboration with Buzz Magazine

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  1. I LOVE march sisters too !!

    And totally liked seeing Feluda in the list.

  2. 4 out of 5 match with mine!!! So obviously I LOOOOVE Your list 😛

    ~ DDS @ Bookish Indulgences with b00k r3vi3ws

  3. Novemberschild says:

    Acting as the comic relief of the Harry Potter series, Fred and George Weasley are eternal fan favourites.

  4. Hello, Sam di. Thank you for being a part of Fave Five Friday. The Mitter cousins have found their way in more than one list, I see. And the Weasleys are a reader favourite clan 😀

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