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Five Basic Rules You Should Follow When Travelling To Another Country


So, your bags are packed and you are ready to go? Travelling, however exciting, in not an easy thing to do. When you visit new countries and mingle with people from new cultures, there are certain manners that you need to follow. It is important to blend in and appreciate, all the while ensuring that you retrieve ultimate joy from your journey to the place. To do so, there are five basic things one needs to keep in mind. These are so basic that most of know that they should be followed, but we tend to ignore them. We would expect the same out of people visiting our country, but when we are the travellers, there are times when we forget. Not only for them, these basics include some things which are for our own money. After all, for most of us, the constant idea is to save money so that we can travel more. Putting together the most important basics in my opinion, and would love it if you add your points in the comments section!

Use Public Transport

Hiring a private car or taxi is expensive in practically every country. Yes, it is safe at the first thought but not only will you be spending too much, you will also be losing out of the experience of travelling like the locals. Bus, train, boat – use the means of transport the locals usually use. Not only will you be saving money, you will also be living the local life, knowing the people and culture upfront.

Dress Appropriately

Pack the kind of clothes that will not be frowned upon in the country you are going to. Respect their rules and sentiments. Say, if you are going to the middle east, ensure you find out what all clothes are permitted. Carrying the right clothes is also important for another reason. So that you shouldn’t suffer because of drastic climate changes. Pack according to the weather in the country you are going to, so that you don’t fall sick.

Be Flexible

It is a strange land for you. Customs, the people, food, climate – everything is new. But you are guests in their land. So, be flexible. It is okay if you don’t get the food you eat at home every day. Try something new. Don’t look down at the locals because you don’t like something they do. They didn’t invite you there; in fact in most places, the locals welcome tourists with welcome hands.

Do Not Litter

This is a special instruction for Indians. Please, do not litter. Firstly, it is bad manners and shows your home country in a very bad light. Secondly, it is disrespecting the country you are in. And most importantly, in some countries, you might be sentenced to imprisonment for making your surroundings dirty.

Travel Light

I understand. At the time you sit down to pack, it feels like you’ll be needing everything own in your vacation. Well, you won’t. Packs the basics, so that you can save time, money and energy. Tugging huge suitcases along all the time slows down your pace, you need to spend money on cabs and it can be very tiring. Be a smart traveller, pack only the essentials.


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