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Five Places One Must Visit When In Ireland

I love to read about places. Most of the time that I am seen hunched over my tab or mobile, I am reading up about people, cultures, must visit places, off-beat places, and everything related to whichever city or country that pops to my mind at the moment. Last night, I was reading up about Ireland. A good friend moved there a couple of years ago, and the quaint, friendly country has been on my list ever since. More since I heard her praise how friendly the locals are – most important, ‘coz I’d hate to visit a place where the people are not friendly.

The first thing I noticed while reading about Ireland is, how green the country is. The castles and country side have fascinated me ever since I was a little girl, and after reading up more about the country, I cannot wait to pack my bags and travel. Until then, I shortlisted five must-visit places in Ireland –

Connemara National Park 

There are six national parks in the Republic of Ireland and Connemara National Park is located in the west of Ireland, County Galway. The national park is spread across 2,957 hectares which even includes a 19th-century graveyard along with 4,000-year-old megalithic court tombs. Yes, you’ve guessed why this national park piqued my attention! It is said that there is quite a wide variety of flora and fauna which can be seen in the national park with one special attraction being the Connemara pony, which is the largest mammal in the park.

Slieve League

A mountain off the Atlantic coast, the Slieve League includes few of the highest sea cliffs and stands 1,972 ft tall. I couldn’t find a lot of literature about the place worth mentioning here, except that the pictures left me spellbound.

Mullaghmore Beach

In the village of Mullaghmore in County Sligo, is the much visited holiday destination where the ocean line and the view of the sky are said to leave one spellbound. And who doesn’t love being spellbound, looking at the marvels and beauties of nature! Author and historian Joe McGowan’s home, Mullaghmore Beach is said to be one of the world’s best big wave surfing locations. The waves here are high and are responsible for a typical weather type which is fondly called – Viking Storm.


The Castles

I know I will be writing a seperate post about this, but here is a preview. Few of the must see castles are Blarney castle, Ashford castle, Bunratty castle, Doe castle and Cahir castle. The exquisite architecture and well-maintained premises can mesmerise just about anyone and take one back by centuries, to give a peak into the lives of the residents of the castles.

The Countryside 

Lush green, clean, serene and expanding till as far as your eyes can see. Give me one reason why you wouldn’t want to spend a few days soaking in the calm and beautiful nature, and I will tell you ten for why you should. Yes, in a fresh post for sure!


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  1. Keep the posts rolling ..

  2. Ireland has always been on my bucket list! if ever i get a chance to plan a trip, i will come back and read this once again!! 🙂

  3. Now I have wanderlust and feel homesick for a place I have never known. Brilliant! 🙂

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