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Five Ways To Increase Instagram Followers Organically

What started off as a medium to share photographs on, has soon become one of the most sought-after platforms on social media. What might have come as a surprise to many is how brands and marketeers have used instagram as a successful marketing platform. More and more people have started using Instagram for professional purpose since the outreach is huge and visual marketing works very well. With the introduction of Instagram stories, the platform has smoothly transitioned into the list of most preferred mediums for social media marketing or online promotions. To increase your reach, the first important thing is to increase the number of followers you have. No, I am not talking about buying followers but gaining followers organically.

But before everything else, you account needs to be public.


Decide A Niche (or Two)

Pick a niche (or two) and stick to it. A theme would makes your instagram feed more interesting. People usually pick their passion which could be anything ranging from photography, books, food, fitness, fashion or even just coffee. How this helps is that once people know that your posts are related to certain topic(s), they put you to categories. Brands and agencies know whom to get in touch with when looking for credible handles with certain topics as their niche.

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Dedicate a Hashtag

Hashtags help club posts of the same topic together and help us in searching for them later. This is the very basic definition of the term which would help you understand why we need them and how they can be used correctly. Let me give you my own example. My instagram page @samarpita has a lot of travel posts and my dedicated hashtag for them is #wideeyedwanderer. This is a hashtag many others might be using as well, but I know that if I search for it, I will find all my posts under it. It being used by other users means, more users search for it too and land up on my profile from time to time.

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Be Creative

Don’t just post every random photograph you click, on to your instagram account. If increasing follower count is a goal, you need to remember that your posts need to attract followers and retain them too. Either your photography or the elements of your photograph must be such that others want to see your updates regularly. Since we are talking about organically gained followers, we are talking about real people. They would require engagement and your posts would need to be innovative & creative. Note how other influencers design their posts and make your own plan. Remember that an instagram post cannot be just point, shoot and upload, if you are looking at increasing your follower count!

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Develop Your Own Style

I say this about everything, don’t copy others’ styles. Create your own. Make a plan and strategise. Refer to other accounts if you wish to get ideas from, but make your own plan. A copy will never get the love that an original does, so be an original. Promote your style and let it become anonymous to your name/handle.

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Interact With Top Influencers

Comment on posts by top influencers whom you follow. And it goes without saying that you should follow some top influencers too. Follow other handles which post on topics similar to yours. You can also participate in conversations which are popular currently – search through hashtags. If you post about books, search for the top hashtags related to books and join public conversations. Let your handle be known to people, along with the topics you post on.

There are numerous other ways with which you can increase your follower count organically. However, let us take baby steps and begin with implementing these five, what say?





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    These are some amazing tips for all who want to grow their Instagram traffic organically

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