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How Improving My Alexa Rank Gave My Blog The Boost It Needed

A year ago, I joined the community of Blogchatter along with fellow bloggers and took part in #MyFriendAlexa. The hashtag was used by all the bloggers in declaring the posts they had written, and the ones they were reading (from other people’s blogs). I’d started the month long exercise with a vague idea but only through the month did I realise and understand what Alexa is, and how important the ranking is.

Let us go back in time a little. Let us remember the time when a lot of us had started blogging. That’d be about a decade ago? Those were different times; when blogs were mere online diaries or platforms we uploaded our stories and poems, maybe. We made friends through our blogs, and those friends were probably the only loyal and regular readers. I remember some people would even send mass mails to all blogger friends updating us with link of the newest blogpost. It used to be a small, happy family.

Cut to 2018 and bloggers are making money out of their blogs. There are more blogs, more content, a lot of marketing and surely a lot of competition. So how do you ace all this? Surely how you write matters a lot, but so does SEO. I won’t get into details of what and why of SEO, google has information aplenty, but I do know you’ll read more about it if you don’t already know what it is. SEO is the tool which will put your posts out there, in the results of every relevant search. And that in turn will increase the rating of your blog – the Alexa rating. Higher the rating, more appreciable is your blog and the content that goes in it – coz it automatically becomes a favoured marketing platform.

Long story short, by the end of the month, my Alexa rank was within the desired brackets and I was ecstatic. In the process, I also gained some other things I had not aimed for when I began the month with #MyFriendAlexa. Few of them were –

  • I wrote! – I am a full time freelance writer/editor and all my working hours are spent in writing or editing. No points in guessing that my blog takes a back seat until once every six months I get some time to write a post and upload (like this one). During #MyFriendAlexa, the objective is to write eight posts in a month – two every week. Not writing would mean own loss because no one would be visiting my blog then. So, write I did, and how! I think on one week I even wrote three posts. So I was taking care of backlog, giving my bog the attention it deserves and using my creativity for something my own and not just on paid projects. Believe me, it is a very big deal for me to squeeze in a little bit of writing for myself amidst my full-time job asa  freelance writer/editor.
  • I read! – Aha! Like writing take backseat, so does reading. When you’ve been reading manuscripts all day, your eyes and mind both need a rest once you are off your work hours. And that is why reading, which was my most favourite thing to do, has also taken a back seat. Thanks to #MyFriendAlexa, I got to read dozens of amazing blogposts. There were some blogs which I loved so much, that I try to read as often as I can even now. Finding beautiful writing is what we editors live for, don’t we?
  • My blog gets traffic – ah, finally! – For the lack of regular updates on the blog, and even lesser frequency of posting old posts, there comes a time every few months when blog traffic dips to the lowest and there is nothing I can do to change it – unless there are new posts. #MyFriendAlexa forced and cajoled me to write, share links of my posts and indirectly drive people to the domain in the form of traffic. What more could the blogger in me ask for!

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  1. Very useful for me as a blogger. Thanks for the insight.

  2. Due to this campaign, our blog actually gets traffic. It helps our blog reach a better status in the long run.

  3. This is my first time participating in #MyFriendAlexa, I’m too in writing and reading mode but most of all the jump start we get in Alexa rank matters a lot.

  4. I can relate to this post very well. Alexa campaign this year has been fabulous, pushing me to read and write at the rate I did not think possible.

  5. Reading this as I’m working on this year’s campaign… myfriendalexa truly gives you the push. I had lost touch with other blogs… I used to read and network so much a few years ago and then, it was just me… little bit of writing on my blogs and that’s it. Boring and unproductive, at times. Participating in the challenge really changed that.

  6. Kavita Singh says:

    The main motive for mt join #MyFriendAlexa was to start reading more. It helps in making our ranking better and more we read better we can write. My experience so far has been fabulous.

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