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How To Plan Ahead And Make Your Munnar Trip A Memorable One?

Munnar is a town in God’s own country, Kerala. It has exquisite waterfalls, rivers, valley, mountains, tea estates, virgin forests, plants and wildlife. Walking through the tea gardens of Munnar would be an awesome experience as Munnar is known for tea plantation. Nature lovers must visit this hill station. It is a famous spot for various adventure activities. Make sure that you look into a hotel in Munnar beforehand especially if visiting in the peak season. Sometimes it becomes difficult to get the resort of choice due to the non-availability of space which arises because of the rush of the visitors.
If you are planning a trip to Munnar and want to make it a memorable one then should keep these things in mind:

Best season to visit

Summer is the best season for a Munnar trip. Summer season in Munnar begins in March and ends in May. During summer, the weather is pleasant and you will find the temperature between 19 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius. Munnar resorts usually get full very soon in the summer as it is a peak season so you should book in advance. The prices of tour packages and resorts also increase in the summer season.
Monsoon is the best time for the honeymooners. Monsoon is known for rain, love and romance. The monsoon season starts in June and ends in September. In monsoon, you can easily do the Munnar resorts booking online or offline as during this time the rush of tourists is quite less. Don’t expect a lot of sightseeing in this season as due to the rains it becomes little difficult to step out of the room.
You can still enjoy the beautiful view from your room.
The winter is also a great time to visit Munnar. The winter starts in December and ends in February. This is also a peak season to visit. In this season also the prices of stay in Munnar increase and resorts get full soon. You can prefer visiting Munnar in early winter season too.

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Important things to pack

Munnar is all about comfortable clothes and shoes as at some places you have to stroll a lot for the sightseeing. You should keep all the required things in your luggage so that you can enjoy and make your trip a memorable one without wasting money. Don’t forget to keep some of the basic medicines for the emergency purpose.
If visiting in the summer season then keep light cotton clothes. And also do keep an umbrella as rain showers are common in Munnar during summer.
If visiting in the monsoon season then do keep warm clothes, raincoat and umbrella.
If you are visiting in the winter season then make sure that you keep all the heavy warm clothes.

Important places to cover

Munnar has a lot of major destinations to cover; for which you need at least 3-4 days from your schedule to make Munnar trip a memorable one. The whole of Munnar turns into the hue of blue once in a year because of the blooming of Neelakurinjini flowers. You would be very lucky if you will get the chance to see Munnar in a blue shade. You must visit the highest peak in the Kerala and southern region of India, Anamudi Peak. From the Anamudi Peak, you can see the beautiful scenic view of rivers, valley, hills, tea plantation, greenery and more. If you are visiting with the family and kids you can not afford to miss Blossom Hydel Park. While in Blossom par you can various activities including cycling, bird watching, roller skating and boating. Kollukkumallay is the highest tea estate in India at 7900 ft which can only be accessed by the jeep. In Kollukkumallay tea
estate, you can explore the tea fields and a trip to its factory. Tea lovers must visit this highest tea estate in India. While visiting Munnar you must plan a trip to Eravikulam National Park which is spread over the land of 97 sq km. In this national park, you can spot the endangered species Nilgiri Tahr. Kundala Dam Lake and Mattupetty Dam are some other places in Munnar that you must visit.
Munnar is a must visit place for the nature enthusiast, birders and photographers.


Munnar has much to offer to the tourists who visit from around the world. You will definitely fall in love with this place of hills, valley, tea plantation, waterfalls, wildlife, rivers, forests, greenery and more. To make your Munnar trip a memorable you should keep in mind the above-mentioned tips. Browse Munnar resorts booking you will get a list of resorts in Munnar; select the best one after checking various amenities they are providing. You should book the resort beforehand as per your affordability.
Have a wonderful and memorable time amidst the hills of Munnar!

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