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#HundredDaysOfFiction | Story 2 | Roxy & Tina

You look at the clock. 4:05 p.m.

Hunching back on the notebook, you continue to finish your homework, faster now. Very pleased that you can now tell time, you glance at the clock again.

Reassured that you won’t be late, you focus on your job in hand. You are Tina, and you are six-years-old.

I am Roxy, your golden retriever. I have been around since a little before you were born. I was there when you were brought home. One look and I knew how much I was going to love you. Lucky me, you love me just as much. We have been inseparable the last six years and even now, I lie flopped near your feet, waiting for you to complete your utterly useless homework.

Ugh, who does that! Why can’t you spend your day just like me? After all we are siblings and best friends! You stop writing and look at me. Blow me a kiss and say, “I’ll be done soon!”

Sigh, yeah okay.

It’s mid-January and it’s snowing outside. I’ve forgotten how many days it’s been since you and I have gone to play in the park! You go to school, but I, I get to only go out a couple of times, into the yard and back but I am practically locked indoors. You know why? Because our parents have no sense of adventure. They think I will get into trouble or fall sick. Whaaaaaaaat? Have they no sense? I am Roxy! Daughter of the great Timothy and Sara, detective dogs trained to fight the world’s dreaded criminals. So what if they worked for private investigators, that is as important as being a police dog! I want to be a detective dog too. You and I. We’ll be great together, doing school work in the day and fighting crime at night.

But first, yawn, let me catch a few winks. Lunch was so good today, oh yummmm… the cook was in a good mood, don’t you think? She had even made a pudding for you. Hmm, I wonder why? Yawn, I must investigate. I’ll close my eyes for a few minutes and will then go to the kitchen and investigate.

Cook is sleeping in her room, she won’t be down for another hour or so. Wake me up when you are done, Tina. Yawwwn…

“Roxy! Wake up!” I hear you calling me but why are you calling from so far? I can barely hear you! “ROOOOXYYYYY!” Oh lord, young girl! Calm down! Why are you yelling at me! I get up with a start hoping you didn’t see me drooling all over myself. Woof! What is it? I ask, slightly annoyed. But I love you. You stretch your arms and I rush to you, licking your face, my favourite face in the whole world.

Oh, how much I love you Tina! Wish you didn’t have to go to school!

“Hey buddy, what do you want to do today?”

Investigate the cook! Woof, woofwoofwoof! I run towards the kitchen and back to you a few times but you are in no mood.

“No Roxy, no more treats for you!” you chide me. Woof! WHAT! You think I am being greedy? No child, I want to find out what our cranky old cook is up to today.

You rush to the tv room and I follow behind, panting. Slow down, girl, I am older than you! What now, do you want to watch the television? What, no! It’s a great time to snoop around, come on, nobody is home and the cook is sleeping.

“Come here, Roxy! One minute you were drooling in your sleep and now suddenly you want to run around!”

Drooling? Who? Not me, oh please! Detective-in-making Roxy doesn’t drool, stop with your kidding now! Woofwoofwoofwoof!

Resignedly, I go sit besides you and flop my face on your lap. Guess I will sleep some more while you watch your silly cartoons. But after that we go do what I want, okay Tina? I lick your face and make you giggle.

You switch on the television and nudge me. “Roxy look, we’ll watch your favourite movie, Lady and the Tramp!”

I lift one ear and then another. Did I hear you right? We haven’t seen Lady and the Tramp in months! Oh well, what a lovely way to spend a snowy evening, with your best friend and a warm fire burning in the fireplace!

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  1. Pratibha says:

    This was so cute !! Love it.

  2. Divya says:

    This is a cute little story

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