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#HundredDaysOfFiction | Story 3 | Finding Amma

I'd written this story a few years ago for a dear friend, B. 
This story belongs to her, I am just collating it as one of 
my writings, here.

Bhavana woke to the sound of rain after a long nap. Her mood perked up and she sat up on the bed. Pulling the curtains apart, she stared out of the window.

A few hours ago when she had walked home from the bus stop, it was cloudy and humid. She had come home with a heavy heart. Today, her Science teacher had shown the class their exam papers. Bhavana had scored 75 out of 100. She used to be the topper but now, however hard she tried, she just couldn’t get all her answers correct. She missed amma. When amma taught her, it used to be fun. But now appa teaches her and after a hard day at work, he doesn’t have much patience. Bhavana had a lot of doubts but she could never dare to ask.

Staring out of the window, her thoughts went to the past. It’s been not even a few months since amma had died but it felt like eternity. Bhavana missed her so much, that it hurt. But she couldn’t cry. No, that wouldn’t be right. Appa missed her too and Bhavana had seen him fall asleep hugging amma’s photo, night after night.

But she missed amma so much!

With a sigh, she got up and went to wash her tear stained face. She knew what she had to do. She needed to connect with amma and there was only one way. She walked to the book case and pulled out a book. It was almost in tatters; for it had been read so many times.

MAGIC IN VIENNA, it said in the cover. Bhavana flipped the cover and in the first page she saw it written –  her mother’s name. In appa’s handwriting. This was amma’s favourite book. Bhavana often wondered if it was amma’s favourite because she loved the story or because appa had given it to her when they were dating. She smiled. Her parents had fallen in love as teenagers and stayed together for the next two decades. Their love though, is still alive. In appa’s memories. In her. And, in this book.

Still smiling, Bhavana took the book and went to sit in the patio. She’d found a way to stay connected with her amma. Through her favourite stories…

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