Living alone, braving life, making friends, twitter addiction and all things wonderful!

~ Raka Majumdar 

The clock shows that it is about 11.50 pm, I have turned in for the night and I am typing away furiously on my laptop. I must say, that being active on Twitter has been so big an addiction that I find myself writing only when I get a little time off at work. By the way, Twitter is also where I met Sam di and she has been a beautiful addition to my life. For me, the line between real and virtual has blurred a long time back. Most of my friends from the blog world have made a smooth transition from blogs, to Facebook and then to Twitter. These are people who have known for almost 7 years now, and I have met them in person and cemented the bond. The newer friends from Twitter too have become a part of my social circuit thanks to regular monthly Tweetups. Thus, it goes without saying, how much my life revolves around the virtual world that exists within the so called real world. In fact, my day begins when I gingerly reach out for my phone with one eye squeezed shut to check my mentions and scan my timeline!

As a kid I remember writing in my journal about waking up to a place I call my own, living my life on my own terms. Today, I feel proud to be living my dream. I know my parents feel helpless and restless with their daughter living alone in the so called rape capital of India. But, I love the life I have managed to create for myself, even those chores that I so crib about, like doing the dishes. I don’t have a cook or a maid, I can afford both but there is an insane amount of satisfaction to be able to manage my life the way I want to. I realize how much I have changed over the past year that I have lived in Delhi, the vagabond has grudgingly settled down and it is no longer a house but a home I come to at the end of the day. Now every time I notice a departmental store my mind quickly runs through my supplies and assesses just what I need and I don’t care who I am with I immediately pick it up. I find myself obsessing over my washing; I have to wash bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains and towels compulsively! Nothing beats the wonderful feeling when I learn to make a new dish every now and then.

I am more spontaneous now. I step out to meet friends often than I used to at a time when I had refused to give Delhi a chance. I tweet like crazy. Sundays I find myself at a popular donut joint for breakfast, ipod plugged in, reading a book. I don’t miss conversations much, because I like talking to myself and hearing myself think. Staying alone does have perks you know, you can howl and weep and you don’t have to pretend to be okay when you are not. You can PMS and there will be no-one to complain about it. In short, I love my life. Let not my version fool you into believing that there are no cloudy days, there are, sometimes it’s cold with regular bouts of thunder and lightning! But the one thought that makes me trudge along is the thought that I am getting to live the dream that I have nursed through my childhood. Yes, it would have been nice to depend on someone to pick the supplies on the way back from work, it would have been nice to share a cup of tea and have a conversation over the morning newspaper but hey life is not perfect why not make the best of it!

Living alone has empowered me and made me stronger as a person. The fact that I can buy things that I need and want and then deftly flick my card at the sales person at the billing counter feels great. Tuesdays are fun with my female colleagues; we step out to Strikers for a couple rounds (okay sometimes maybe more) of Cosmopolitans. Friday’s are movie nights, Saturday’s are a day reserved for twitter friends, Sundays are for catching up with me or stepping out for coffee and movie with other friends.

I read till the wee hours in the morning, I tweet about feeling lazy to get out of bed. I get virtual kicks and I am dragged out of bed every morning. I rant about the jostles in the metro, the idiots I deal with at work. I go on and on about my romantic ideas and notions and must appear sickeningly lovelorn. But I have a great set of people who understand me and sieve through the rants and more than which are there and who look out for me! In this madness called life the only thing constant and is comforting is my love for coffee.

Life can’t be better than this can it?!

Raka Majumdar blogs here. You can connect with her on twitter here. A coffee connoisseur, a book worm and a hopeless romantic, she also refers to herself as a chatterbox, sentimental, convoluted and more than which a true blue bong! Raka also describes herself as, “I am not who I used to be. I am not what you want me to be. I am difficult to decipher but I am still me.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This post is sheer awesomesauce. 🙂
    Raka – Reading it felt as if you were having a conversation with the reader, which is how I like it the most. Bookmarking your blog now. Keep it up!
    Sam – I have to thank you as well here. Hope to keep stumbling across many more interesting writers. 🙂

  2. As usual, Raka has put in her heart and soul in this post. I have met her a couple of times and she doesn't pretend about things. If its not okay, Its NOT okay. This is what I like about her attitude.

    I completely agree with the phrase "Virtual life within a real life".

    I would like to share a small story here, the person whom I used to call my best friend abused me to the core because he thinks that I live in virtual world all the time. I introduced him to twitter and he was abusing me and sly tweeting about me with abuses galore. Thank god I didn't stoop down to his level and gave him back.

    Such are people and honestly it was getting extremely tough for me to keep up with certain people in my life. I backed out and moved on. I feel good.

    Now, I really look forward to the life that Raka is living currently. I am already working towards it. Much needed personal space is required and I am sure I can learn many things from her in the future! 😀

  3. "I am more spontaneous now…." "Living alone has empowered me and made me stronger as a person…." "…Sundays are for catching up with me…" Yesss… 'nice' experiences in life as it unfolds…things that I have been sharing/telling people when I speak to them… Great reading !

  4. This is indeed Life is all about – dunno which one to call virtual or real – the thing which we gotta deal everyday – living alone – doing things for ourselves , being responsible – this is real for us – not sure if this was the most sought after – but we definitely enjoy these – its our own – and we do it for our happiness..and tats what is most essential in life …nice words raka – this is probably the 1st time i'm reading your blog..though i know you in person…its great to know you here as well…cheers..!!

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