Managing happiness at 21 Fools

21 Fools has always and will always stand for happiness and carrying forward the core vision in our mind; and recently we came up with our brand new logo. With this blogpost I would like to present to you the new, 21 Fools’ logo! Here is the brief idea what it says.. 

The beautiful green petals represent us/life. The seven petals are the seven colors of life; the seven stages of life. The petals are asymmetrical depicting that life isn’t perfect. However imperfect, life can still spread the color of happiness – yellow.

The logo is made with such simplicity and innocence that a child could redraw and create his own definition of happiness. This logo does not belong to just 21 Fools but to all of us. This isn’t just a logo, its a symbol of happiness.

When you look at this pic, what do you see? How do you weave a tale from the thoughts that fill up your mind, looking at this logo? Tell us, we would love to exchange stories!

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