Are you an established author, or a newbie dreaming of bestselling manuscript? I understand how much you have invested in writing a book – the dreams, the hopes, the time, the energy and the aspirations. While you are writing the book, and before it goes to the publisher, there will be stages where you will need assistance with the manuscript. Here is where I can step in and these are the services which I offer:

  • Manuscript review/beta reading: In this step, you will be given feedback on the basic concept of the story, along with suggestions if required. The first draft will be read and suggestions on the same will be provided. Contact for a professional quote as it will vary depending on the number of words and genre of your manuscript. This service does not involve editing of any kind.

  • Proofreading : In this step, there will be correction of spelling and typographical errors in your manuscript. Rate: 40p/word

  • Basic editing : Critical correction of plot and suggestions of grammar and sentence construction. This will not involve grammatical corrections. Rate: 50p/word

  • Advanced editing : This involves checking accuracy of facts, consistency of the plot and characters, grammar, and sentence construction. In this, you will also be offered suggestions regarding plot changes, better characterisations and overall feel of the story. Rate: 80p to Re 1.20/word depending on the work required on the manuscript.  If interested, please get in touch via the contact form in this website to request for a professional quote. The next service mentioned is not a part of this and can be availed separately.

  • Final stage: Suggestions for blurb, author introduction, plot synopsis, concept note and acknowledgements. If interested, please get in touch via email to to request for a professional quote.

Please note that I do not provide any kind of assistance with 
the publication process,including any guesswork on how the market 
will receive your book or connecting you to publishers/agents.

Also to be noted that I am the only person behind this and all 
editing will be done solely by me. My aim is to provide error-free 
copies of your manuscript edited into a polished and enjoyable 
version, however, there can always be chance of human error.