[Note: I am not taking up assignments for book promotions currently. Shall update soon.]

Let us be frank, not many publishers assist with extensive online promotions. If yours does, well and good. If your publisher has no such plans, you better do. Cover To Cover Writing Studio customizes online marketing plans for you including book reviews by multiple book bloggers, social media presence, and giveaways. The process includes:

  • Your book will be promoted across multiple platforms – facebook, twitter, snapchat and instagram. I have more 8000 direct and more than 45000 indirect followers on twitter; while there are 2500 direct followers on facebook. Over  a period of 45 days, information about your book will be reaching all of them, almost every day.
  • Book reviews, author interviews, guest post, blog hops, social media interaction,  as well as social media mentions will be part of the package.
  • Banner space and status of Author on Focus.
  • Video trailer of your book
  • Social media campaigns including contests/giveaways as well as author chats on twitter.

If interested, please get in touch via email to editor@samarpita.in to request for a professional quote.