Party Responsibly At #LURMFest, Jaisalmer

musicComing up later this month, in the middle of the Thar desert is the first ever Lurm Festival which is going to be India’s biggest desert festival during 23rd to 25th December 2016 at Sam Dunes, Jaisalmer.

The festival will be spread across 34 acres of land. The three day festival will be an extravaganza of film, fashion, food, music, camping, wine, adventure and beer. There will be 2000 camps at the site which will have the capacity to accommodate up to 13,000 guests. The festival promises to be cultural gathering of international standard with almost 200 films from fifteen different countries.

For an event the size as big as this, the organisers are busy day and night to create the best environment and ensure that all festival attendees have a time of their lives at the event. Along with the organization, it is also the responsible of the festival attendees to party responsibly so that every minute a the festival is a party and there are no untoward incidents.


There are a few things we can keep a check on while attending the festival which will help us party responsibly. The event is going to be action filled overflowing with alcohol and music, so it is but obvious that you’d want to enjoy. Here are some pointers which can be in your mental check-list –

  1. Drink Responsibly: Keep a check on how much you drink. Drinking irresponsibly makes you vulnerable to many unwanted situations, irrespective of your gender.
  2. Don’t accept drinks from strangers: If you don’t know them, don’t accept any drinks for them. It might be fun while it lasts, but can lead untoward experiences.
  3. One person, stay sober: If your friend is getting drunk, step back and stay sober. Decide amongst yourselves and plan accordingly. If you are a small group, one person can stay sober on one day. And if you are a big group, divide times when one person won’t be drinking at all. There will be music, food and many other things at the festival to keep you entertained and thrilled!15356131_748064318676214_2008598749_n
  4. Don’t complain: The festival will be held in the middle of the Thar desert which in itself would be an experience of a lifetime. The experience will be different from your previous experiences elsewhere, so you are bound to feel odd at times. Don’t complain, for that will only spoil your experience. Enjoy, for this festival is going to rock! 15356091_748063828676263_1985243645_n
  5. Stay alert: When partying, one tends to let go of inhibitions and doesn’t stay alert which can lead to situations and problems you wouldn’t be proud of. So, stay alert, keep an eye on your people and belongings and have a good time.
  6. Do not create a nuisance: Like you, everyone else is there to have fun and they too have paid their way till there. They have as much right to the festivities as you do, so respect the public space. Have your own fun but please do ensure that your fun doesn’t end up as a nuisance to someone else.

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