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Note: I’d written this a few months ago (in June) and shared as a facebook post. Blogging it now.

“Mommy. Mommy! I am hungry, mommy! Where are you?” whimpered Ana softly, from behind the bathroom door. They were playing hide & seek and mommy was to find her. It’d been long since she was hiding, and now she was hungry. But mommy had asked her not to move until she found her.
In the living room, Alison lay almost senseless, an empty glass of whiskey in one hand and the other hand thrown over her forehead, carelessly. She could hear Ana’s voice faintly. She wanted to turn the sound off. They will come after Ana. If they got to know she had a daughter, they’ll go after the child. Alison struggled to stay awake; Ana was calling her. She couldn’t let anything happen to her precious. But how? They would get to her sooner or later. Maybe if she died and Ana was sent to foster care…


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