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#HundredDaysOfFiction | Day 6 | Pride

“I’ll race you to the pool!” Dhruv yelled, as he threw his towel on the chair in front of him and raced towards the diving board. Nimble on his feet, he climbed the lower diving board and walked to the edge. He looked at her for approval, his eyes glowing with anticipation. Seeing a slight nod from her, he positioned himself and dived neatly into the pool.

Lying on the chaise, Amrita clapped for her son. Her little boy was swimming independently. Just a month ago, he was petrified of getting into the pool. He had begged her not to send him into the water. His swimming teacher in school was obviously not doing his job right, Amrita thought with a frown forming between her brows. The man couldn’t even make a little boy learn to swim. All he did was, give excuses for his own inability to teach. The man had the guts to tell her, that her Bubbles had a psychological fear of water. Said he should see a specialist first and then learn to swim. Nonsense! She made a mental note of bringing the teacher over to see Bubbles swim. Her Bubbles. Her pride. Her handsome boy.

By now, Rohan had come out of the pool. “I’ll dive again, maa!” he waved at her and ran. The next moment he was at the edge of the pool, making a dive for the chlorine water of the swimming pool.

With a smile she looked at his direction, waiting for him to start swimming. But all that she could see was blood spreading rapidly into the water, right where Bubbles had dived. Her eyes darted around the region and it took her a moment to realise what had happened.

Bubbles had dived into the shallow side of the pool.

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