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#RestaurantReview: Bombay Street Cafe

A few days ago, a friend referred Bombay Street Cafe saying the food is good. Now if you are familiar with Bhopal, you’ll agree that there aren’t many options for younger people to hang out in. Be it fine dining or just a place to hang out in, the options are limit and very few places experiment with the menu. Keeping to the local palate, most eateries here stick to local flavours. So, a new and highly recommended option is always welcome.

Situated at Gulmohar, opposite Aura mall, Bombay Street Cafe (BSC) is near to where I stay, so one lazy evening, husband and I decided to drop in. The entrance to the place isn’t very nice and there is no proper parking place. The restaurant is situated in the first floor of the building which has a (slightly rickety) lift.


Bombay Street Cafe

The entrance of the place has an attractive glass door with the name and logo of the cafe on it. Wouldn’t deny, that makes a fine impression. Inside, the place is spacious and well furnished. The decor was funky and cozy, yet airy. One wall had a huge map of Bombay on it, and there was a section with separate decor – with sofas and an enclosure for private parties, kitties, etc.


The menu was delightful, in one word. Since both of us have lived in Bombay, during our courtship and before,  we have only fond remembrance of the metropolis. Few of the fondest memories include street food.

BSC has an exhaustive menu. Sandwiches, pizzas, pav bhaji, south India, vada pav, dabheli – name anything that is sold on the streets of Bombay, and you will find it here. Prices are pretty decent too. But what about the taste? Though we’d come with glorious recommendations, everybody’s palate differs and we were still not sure how our experience would be.

The food arrived soon and we were sold! 

There was zero compromise with taste of the food – everything tasted authentic. One bite and our eyes automatically closed, taking us back by a decade to the streets of Bombay, savouring the sumptuous street food. We’d ordered a Mithibai vada pav and a vegetable cheese sandwich. Thrilled by how good they tasted, husband had ordered misal pav.

Honestly speaking, food coma was attained. We’d had all this around 5:30 in the evening and skipped dinner later because we were so satisfied with what we ate that we didn’t want to put anything else in our mouths! And the bill? Rs 233/- Also, no GST, oh yes!

* This is not a paid review. The restaurant is not yet aware that their services have been reviewed. The place was visited in July 2017.


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