Songwriters’ Sunday Social | Ep. 1 | Dylogg Co-working Café

Last Sunday, on the 12th of March, I attended a very interesting gathering of young people at Dylogg Co-working Café, Kasturba Nagar in Bhopal. We knew that it would be a programme where 10 songwriters would present their creativitiy but what we witnessed was much better.

Kokila Bhattacharya and Animesh Chaurasia had brought together this beautiful evening at their co-working space which they intend to use even more to get together like minded, creative people and help form a strong tribe in this city.

Songwriters’ Sunday Social at Dylogg Co-working Café (C) Samarpita Sharma

The event had more attendees than the hosts had expected which shows how much in need of such gatherings the city was. In all honesty, both my husband and I were pleasantly surprised at the level of talent our city boys showcased that evening.

The show began with Shikhar Chaudhary who is all of 18, and made time to attend the programme despite his board exams staring at him in the face. Next up was Rohan Pathak who sang some beautiful ghazals. I could manage to capture parts of Shikhar’s and Rohan’s performances and am sharing them below. One thing Rohan said has remained with me since I identify with it a lot – I am not a miserable person, but I like miserable music.

Rohan Pathak Singing ‘Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage’ (C) Samarpita Sharma

While the songs and the music was lovely, what made the evening better was that the song writers spoke about why they write and create music, who inspires them, what their songs mean to them, etc. The performers and audience seemed to be more or less in their 20s and 30s – and despite two decades (and some more) of people sitting in one room, everyone was enjoying the songs.
Parvatish came up next and sang a song he’d gifted his best friend on her birthday – Mehroom. Abin played the keyboard and presented a beautiful song. Tannison Mathews rendered a soulful number Let it be me while he played the keyboards.
Apricot, the group also performed their own composition after Bhaskar’s performance for which he’d come down from Ahmedabad. Samar Mehdi presented his own compositions Parey and Do Pal.
The event ended with Animesh Chaurasia presenting Befiqri and the event was hosted by Kokila.

Here’s wishing all the songwriters the very best in their lives. Just knowing that such talents has grown up in the streets of Bhopal makes me feel so good. And I hope Kokila, Animesh and Dylogg bring to the city more such gatherings and cultural events!

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