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The Gateway Resort Damdama Lake – A Luxury Weekend Getaway at Gurugram

Nestled in the countryside, a little out of Gurgaon, it took me close to two hours to reach The Gateway Resort Damdama Lake, Gurgaon  resort from the airport. The directions were clear and the route pretty straightforward. The property has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor for the year 2016. While travelling so far, I had various thoughts in my mind, like how would it be, will it be worth all the travel, its so far – would we be the only guests there, and so on. Much to my delight, while I was still mulling over these thoughts, we reached the property. From outside, not much of the property is visible and I guess it has been spread across the land unlike other hotel properties in the middle of the city. The greenery all around was a sight to sore eyes specially because despite it being the middle of July, NCR was as hot as a furnace!

(C) The Gateway Resort


Right next to the entrance was a high security section where our luggage were checked, tagged and kept aside to be sent to our rooms. The reception area took me back to sets of Hollywood movies, I am not exaggerating. High ceiling, glass walls and plants inside with minimal yet  enough furnitures while the greenery outside provided a gorgeous background.

The bathroom here is as big as the room and no surprise, I spent a long time there. Here is a glimpse –

I was at the property with few other bloggers and authors, to attend the Blogchatter Writer’s Retreat which was held on 16-17 of July, 2017. To facilitate us, since we were a large group or more than 20 people, the hotel staff had ensured that enough staff members were present at any time. The banquet hall was the perfect size for a gathering of our size and it made for a pretty side with its decor and table setting. I’d taken a one hour session at the retreat and the experience was extremely comfortable with regards to the space and the props required.

I had gauged that the property was vast, but had no area exactly how much! In the evening, a few staff members took us on a tour of the property and may I take a moment to mention that I walked through it in pencil heels! This needs to be mentioned because the property is so huge that my legs had a bad time walking in pencil heels! What totally made up for the pain was how beautiful everything was.

The swimming pool was PACKED! Yes, you read it right. While I had not expected a lot of guests, I was surprised to see so many at the pool. Turns out, the property was housefull!


Breathtaking, right? The property has a beautiful golf course where you can let some steam off and actually calm down while indulging in a peaceful game.


Every time I think back at the stay, I remember this path and what a lovely time I’ve had strolling across the property. The property is also kid-friendly and has ample facilities to keep them occupied while parents did their own thing. The facilities for children are endless, and so is it for adults. You have the choice to have a picnic in the lawn, indulge in some sports or even in horse riding! Yes, you read that right!

If you are stopping by The Picnic Table, I insist that you ask for the Jamun shake. You must have a sip of it, at least. I say a sip because that is all you’ll need to sit down and finish the drink! If you are a non-vegetarian, don’t miss their burger. Food is pretty good at the resort, so yes, indulge away!

Talking about food, while breakfast and lunch were buffets, dinner was a special menu for us.

But before dinner and after a visit across the property, we’d all headed to the bar for a special time organised but the resort. The bar was cozy and comfortable – just the right size with just the right lighting. While breakfast and lunch were are BUZZ, drinks were at SWIRL and dinner was at SIAN.




By dinner, my feet were killing me so I retired to my room after having soup and the dimsums. Imagine my surprise when the bell rang a few minutes later and on the door was a server with this plate of the most delicious looking gulabjamun! I must confess, I never eat gulabjamuns, but that night I’d stared at the plate for a few seconds and popped one piece in my mouth. The filling was slightly salty and blended so beautifully with the sweet shell made of gulabjamun! And the third flavour was of the red sauce underneath the pieces which was – yes, wait for it, ‘coz you can never guess it – tomato sauce! Oh yes, tomato sauce!

Do not miss this, if you are at the resort. Also at the resort every night is this guy with a kulfi stand, waiting for everyone to come out of the main building which houses the restaurants, reception area, bar and banquet halls, to go towards the rooms.

As I have mentioned a few times, the property is spread across a large area. While facilities are in one building, the rooms are in cottages and are in a cluster. Vegetation is pretty dense in the property and yet, after dark, it makes for a pretty safe place. Twice, I’d locked myself out of my rooms since the swipe card hd discharged because it was kept near the mobile, and all I had to do is just call out, “Excuse me!” a little loudly in no particular direction. The staff was practically everywhere and both the times (once in the day and once at night), someone was there to help me immediately.

The hotel’s services and amenities are as follows:


  • Business Centre 24-Hours
  • High-speed Internet with Wi-Fi
  • Workstations
  • Secretarial Services
  • Colour Copier
  • Multimedia Computers
  • Video/Teleconferencing
  • Translation/Interpretation Services
  • Sports Areana
  • Pet Friendly


  • Currency Exchange
  • Doctor on-call 24X7
  • Laundry Service/Valet
  • Travel Assistance
  • 24-Hours In-Room Dining
  • Kids Play Area
  • Adventure Zone


  • Fitness Centre
  • Swimming Pool
  • Spa

    The property has business, adventure and fitness centres catering to all round requirements of their guests. It is an ideal location for weekend getaways and also for conferences and weddings. 


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  1. Had been there last August for a family function and must say its a great property. Plan to go there once again soon

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