Take a Trip to Bekal Fort in Kerala: Walk inside a history book

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If you ever plan that Kerala trip (which you should do sooner rather than later), then do not miss the chance to have a go at the Bekal Fort. This historic and magnificent fort is easily the best which the state has to offer. Situated serenely beside the shores of Arabian Sea, the fort will transport you down the pages of history into the 17th century. 

The exact origin and date of this fort lies shredded behind apocryphal corridors. Some cite that Bekal was constructed by Sivakka Naik of the Ikkeri dynasty, while some claim that one Kolathiri Rajas was the builder of the fort. Nevertheless, what is certain is that this landmark was passed down from one hand to another amidst the myriad wars which it has witnessed over the decades. It went over to Mysore’s Raja Haider Ali and later came into the possession of the British. 

Now, left to itself, it serves as a top tourist attraction and is counted amongst the best places to visit in Kerala.

The fort is circular in shape and mammoth in scale. It is one of the most well-preserved forts of the country and easily elicits warm memories of the bygone eras. 

Bekal Fort can be reached easily by a private car or cab. It is a small distance away from Kasargod (only 12 km away) and a little away from the town of Kanjagad (15 km away). If you wish to travel by train, then you can travel up to the Kanjagad or the Kasargod Railway Station and take a private vehicle from thereon. 

Bekal Fort also presents some enthralling statistics. At 130 feet above the sea, it is tall enough to make you go ‘wow’! Since, it is situated at an isolated location by the shore, the absence of any cemented clutter in the vicinity magnifies its charm. There are steep stairs which allow visitors to climb to the top. The view from there is phenomenal. 

Bekal Fort is a must-visit for every kind of backpacker. Whether you are 8 or whether you are 80, whether you love history or whether you hate history, whether you are adventurous or whether you are a nerd, whether you are a photographer or whether you love painting- this place is going to spellbind every visitor.  

Bekal Fort, often counted amongst the top ten places to visit in Kerala, can be toured round the year. The monsoon season is the only time when one can give it a miss (since the walls and walkways can get quite slippery).


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