Tom Sawyer: The First Boy I Fell In Love With

The video above was the Google Doodle for writer Mark Twain’s birthday, in 2011, and my personal favourite till date. The reason is obvious, Twain is one of my favourite authors. Twain created Tom Sawyer and his friend Huck Finn, with both of whom my mind wanders, still all of eight, in the meadows and on the handmade canoes.

He was not the Model Boy of the village. He knew the model boy very well though–and loathed him.

I remember reading this line again and again, and forming an image in my mind. Tom’s image. I was all of eight, a disciplined child at that, and reading about someone my age, and a total opposite, was fascinating. Tom was the first male I romanced in my mind, I still do. When I want to run away from the world, Tom and I, take a raft in a moonlit and sail away at times. On other times, I would dream of marching into my own funeral .. I still think that would be funny, right?

Tom taking a licking for Becky Thatcher in school and sharing his cake with her in the cave — I always thought that was incredibly chivalrous and how things ought to be! Tom has always been a hero for me, so nice with the ladies and so smart with his friends – when he made them do his work, while he ate their fruits!

Tom lived with his half brother Sid, his cousin Mary, and his stern Aunt Polly in the (fictional) town of St. Petersburg, Missouri. In addition, he has another aunt, Sally Phelps, who lives considerably farther down the Mississippi River, in the town of Pikesville. Tom was the son of Aunt Polly’s dead sister. All this always sounded dream like and adventurous!

If you love Tom as much as or more than I do, do drop a line below … would love to connect!!

Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma

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