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#TravelTips: A Quick Guide To Few Things You Can Do When In Dubai #AtoZChallenge

Dubai is one of the places most Indian travel to first, and why not? It’s one hell of an amazing place, and for a first time international traveller, it is just the kind of place which would holds the correct amount of glitz, glamour and entertainment. Moreover, here is a place where you can enjoy to your heart’s irrespective of how you are travelling – solo, couple or with family/group. I would say 4-7 days are a required to actually enjoy every flavour Dubai has to offer, however, even if you are stopping over for a day, there is a lot you can see and do!

First things first. If this is your first visit, however overrated and done to death by all tourists they are, you absolutely must do the main attractions which include the desert safari, Burj Khalifa and the museum. You can read in detail about them in this post. Apart from these, Dubai is a city of malls and skyscrapers and while I would encourage you spend good amount of time in the malls (every experience is worth your time), I am a sucker for off beat experiences during my travels.

I’ll take a detour from the topic and remind you to carry comfortable walking shoes if travelling to Dubai. Be it in the desert, or be it in the malls, walking in high heels can be traumatic at the end of day and I have lived to tell you all not to repeat my mistake!

Moving on, there is what else you can do in Dubai.

The spice and the gold souks might not sound interesting to a lot of readers (it hadn’t to us) but these are experiences you cannot let go. The spice souk is a great place to shop for spices and bring back home, don’t worry, they know how to pack the spices properly for airport checks.

A stroll down Jumeirah beach and watching the sunset is an experience of a lifetime. Don’t tell me you have seen sunsets in all of Goa’s beaches. Every sunset is unique and this beach is just wonderful!

Quite contrary to common opinion, you are not required to dress conservatively in Dubai. Fashion is huge here and people dress very well. What you should do is dress decently and if you are there in the holy month of Ramzan, then dress modestly.

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  1. Saving these tips for my future Dubai trip.

  2. Very informative post. Will refer once I plan my trip to Dubai.

  3. A great travel post on Dubai. Lists out places to visit. Who doesn’t want to go up Burj Khalifa and take a picture of sun set? A nice, clean and a safe city.

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