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#TravelTips: A Quick Guide To Few Things You Can Do When In Edinburgh #AtoZChallenge

Built on an extinct, 340-year-old volcano, Edinburgh proudly holds the record of being the first city in all of the world which had a fire service. Also boasting of parts of Harry Potter being written here, the Encyclopaedia Britannic was first published from here.

Since the year 1947, the town has been witnessing the Edinburgh International Festival every August where it is said that the population almost doubles (sometimes, even more) during that time; that is how high the tourist footfall is! And, did you know that UNESCO had named it the first City of Literature, credit for which goes to literary greats like Robert Louis Stevenson and Sir Walter Scott. 

I trust you to do everything touristy aside from playing a make-believe medieval parallel life when in Edinburgh. but in this post I want to suggest a few offbeat things to do and places to go. After all, those Facebook albums and Instagram posts need to be top notch! *wink wink*

Camera Obscura is a wonderful and thrilling world of illusions. You might have been to other similar places, but don’t strike this off your list just because of that. Spread across five floors, this is a land of magic and illusions which will leave you spellbound and enthralled. There is also this place there where you can see all of Edinburgh from all angles, different angles through very modern cameras.

Edinburgh has a most fantastic museum called the Museum of Childhood! Yes, you read that right and it is exactly what you think it is! Put our devices aside and step into the world which will take you back to your old life. Doesn’t matter how old you are, you will be stoked visiting this museum. Edinburgh also has some more unusual museums like The Writers’ Museum. You have a choice of 13 museums to visit if you are up to it and all promise to be excellent experiences. 

Like cats? Yeah, oh I can hear you. Love cats, donchya? Take a break from sightseeing and stop at Maison De Moggy. It is the first cat cafe in all of Scotland and is a wonderful place for cat lovers to relax and rejuvenate. 

If you are an experimental foodie and quite obviously wish to eat what locals love, have the hog roast sandwich at Oink, the haggis burrito at Los Cardos and battered mars bar at Cafe Picccante.

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  1. Nice tips. On my visit I had Chinese. Pretty awful I would say. I loved the castle. But nothing like our Red Fort.

  2. I have been to Edinburgh. A classic city with amazing architectural buildings. We visited the Britania Yacht there. Your post refreshed my memories.

  3. Nice, I have always wanted to touch down this majestic place

  4. I loved the view of the city from Calton Hill

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