What Is Love?

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What is love?

Love can be damaging. Love can be demotivating.
Love can be hurtful. Love can make you cry yourself to sleep.
Love can be vindictive. Love can be untruthful.
No, love is not always great.

Love can be empowering. Love can be enlightning.
Love can be inspirational. Love can lead the way.
Love can break barriers. Love can heal wounds.
Love can make you smile again.
Love can make you scale mountains you never thought you could.

Love can be selfless. Love can be selfish.
Love can suffocate you. Love can open the world to you.
Love can be everything evil; it can be the happiest thing on earth.
Don’t tell me love can only be the nice things;
Because we love exactly how we are.
Look into the person and you will know
If their love is your kind of love.


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