Yes, Combiflam is safe to consume! Read more and be assured.

The war against fake news is urgent and essential. With so much unchecked information floating on the interwebs and people lapping it all without fact-checking, it is the need of the hour to speak about the truth. One such information is on Combiflam – it is safe, yet the centre of malicious rumours.

As someone who resorts to medicines only in the rarest of cases and when the condition is unbearable (only for regular health problems like body pain), I rely fairly on Combiflam because I know Combiflam is safe to consume. As a conscious citizen, I have been taught to make educated choices growing up. You won’t see me popping pills just because someone else swears by them. And neither should you.

When talking about making educated choices, it is important to remember that any medicine when taken over and above the recommended dose, or too frequently, can be harmful for the body. Thus, although Combiflam is safe to consume patients must be responsible to follow the prescribed dosage.

One doesn’t need to be a medical professional to realize that any medicine, if taken beyond prescription, or when there are certain existing medical conditions, ‘might’ harm the person taking the medicine. While this is a possibility, even that possibility isn’t a 100%. Every medicine has some side-effects and can prove to be damaging the dosage is incorrect.

Not wanting to believe in rumours and to reassure myself that Combiflam is safe to consume, I spoke to my family doctor. She put my fears to rest by confirming that the news I’d heard about Combiflam was fake.

She advised that IF taken in recommended dosage and for the instructed duration, it had no side effects. I informed her that I’d been reading many things about Combiflam – even my mother was scared. The doctor
told me that these were baseless viral news.

It is so easy to fall prey to fake news and rumours but let us not forget that we are in 2019 now. With the internet as a tool at our disposal 24×7, it is foolish to not verify facts and believe everything that comes our way. If you too are plagued by queries whether Combiflam is safe to consume like I was, talk to your trusted doctors, and research about the topic online.

I am not a medical professional and what I am saying is of course not the last word. I have spoken to doctors whom I trust and was told that they believe that Combiflam is safe.

Disclaimer: I am not making a statement here. This post talks about what I have found upon speaking to doctors and urge everyone to do the same before believing fake news and rumours. Views expressed here are of a non-medical person and should not be followed without medical prescription at any cost.

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  1. I am so glad that you chose to debunk this rumour. It’s time we chose not to believe in fake news!

  2. Thanks for clearing the confusion. People should think twice before forwarding any content.

  3. Thanks you cleared the confusion. It’s always better to check scientific facts!

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